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Our border collie puppies are AKC registered and carry a full health/temperament guarantee and lifetime breeder support which includes
training guidance.
We spend lots of time and care raising our puppies so that each puppy leaves us with the full potential to make their new families either a
wonderful companion, performance or show dog.

We take breeding very seriously, and consider many factors before doing a breeding. Health and temperament are of utmost importance
and we also consider sound structure. Many of our dogs excel at working, however we feel that producing a pup that you can easily live with
is just as important as one that can work. Our dogs are affectionate and loving companions. Our dogs do not possess so much drive that
they require you to change your lifestyle in order to accommodate them. Temperament testing allows us the opportunity to find you the
right pup for your existing lifestyle.

Our puppies are raised with loving care inside our home. We have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our puppies are not only socialized
correctly, but are never left alone for long periods of time while they are still young. Young puppies demand alot of attention along with a
sanitary living environment. Both Peachy Keen breeders work from home and therefore we are always tending to the needs and demands of
our puppies. Our puppies are never left alone for long periods of time, even the length of a work day. This does allow us to not only keep the
puppies clean and sanitary but also allows a plentiful amount of bonding time between humans and puppies.

At 4 weeks, they start taking supervised trips outside when the weather is nice. We start crate training at 6 weeks as we feel that this is a
great start for the puppy and it's new family. Our play yard is comprised of puppy play ramps and various toys. We also start playing tug
games at 6 weeks. Temperament testing and structural evaluations are done at 7 1/2 weeks.

Temperament testing gives us a means for matching select puppies to prospective buyers. Border collies come in various drives and
temperaments so this is critical to our breeding program and the selection process for your family.
If there are a few puppies that fit your families criteria, you are then allowed to choose from the puppies that tested appropriate. We do
understand that people have preferences for a certain color and sex, and if a certain puppy does not test within your families
criteria we can switch you to another litter.

We always remind buyers that no matter the color, you must be able to live HAPPILY with the puppy you get, so the temperament must be
one that will work for you, your children and your other pets. Click to read more information on our
breeding program . For more information/photos/pedigrees of the puppies we have available,
Email Us.

We look forward to hearing from you.