Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find many common puppy questions answered.
We will be happy to discuss any of these in depth and of course if there is not a question answered here
we will be happy to help you.

How much do you charge for your puppies?
1300.00 to 1500.00 for AKC limited registration. Full registration puppies are not available
at this time.
At times, we have puppies available at a lowered cost.

What is AKC Limited Registration?
Your puppy is registerable with the American Kennel Club but cannot be bred. You can
compete in any AKC sport other than conformation. Our contract states that puppies sold on
limited registration will be spayed/neutered and never be bred.

Do I need to register my dog?
We provide the registration information, its up to each owner is they register their puppy, but
we do recommend it.

Can I get a lowered rate if I don't want the registration paperwork?
No, our prices are the same either way.

What is temperament testing?
Temperament testing is a number of tests we perform on the pups prior to leaving around
the age of 8 weeks old. It helps us determine drive levels and personality traits to make sure
you are off to the right start with the puppy you choose.

Do I get the temperament testing results?
No it is mainly for us to determine a baseline for each puppy.

Do you ship puppies by airline?
No, we do not.  We recommend coming here to meet the sire and dam, us and the puppies

When can the puppies have visitors?
After their first set of shots at 6 weeks. Before then they are susceptible to canine viruses,
which can be brought in by us unknowingly.

If I cant visit, do I get photos?
We do not update the webpage weekly, but interested parties will receive pictures and
videos weekly by text or email.

I tried to call but I got your voicemail?
Please be patient. We try to get back with everyone as soon as possible, but the puppies
and dogs come first. If you dont get us by phone, please try to text us. =)

How often do you have litters?
Usually 1 or 2 times a year.

I have a female dog, should I get a male?
Usually the opposite sex is the best choice, but finding the right temperament to add is also

I have cats is that a problem?
No our puppies are raised around cats as well as seeing the farm animals here.

Do you breed smooth coats?
No we do not. All adults are rough coated and all puppies have rough coat. We recommend
brushing once to twice a week.

Are your dogs tested?
Our dogs are clear from genetic problems that occurs in the border collie breed. Our contract
covers genetic issues as well as temperament. We will be happy to share that with you on
request. Buyers receive our contract weeks prior to purchasing so they have time to review it.

What should I buy for my puppy prior to bringing it home?
All buyers receive a puppy checklist at least 4 weeks prior to bringing home their puppy. It
covers everything you may need and what you should and shouldn't give your puppy.

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for further details on purchasing a Peachy Keen