1. When did you first become interested in
border collies?
2.Do you have a fenced yard? What height is
the fence?
3.Do you have children? If yes, please list
number of children and ages.
4.. How many dogs have you owned in the
past 5 years? What breed?
5.Do you have other pets now?
6.What type of activities are you planning to
do with this dog?
7. When would you start your puppy in
obedience class?
8.Do you have a crate in your home?
9.What brand of dog food do you feed?
10.How would you describe your daily activity
11. .What does your ideal bc look like as far
as structure, color and markings?
12. What time frame are you looking at
adding a new puppy into your home?
13. How would you define an active dog?
14. Describe the ideal temperament of the bc
who would fit perfectly in your household.
15. How often, if you have any other
animals, do you visit your vet?
19. If you have other animals, how are they
going to adjust to the new addition?
Please tell us a little about your training
We are committed to placing our puppies in the
best home possible. We will be glad to answer any
questions that you may have about us.
I will be spaying or
neutering my new puppy
by one year of age.
Please note:  Buyers for companion puppies will
only be sold on AKC limited registration (spay/neuter
by one year of age)
I am interested in
breeding in the future.
If you are interested in breeding, please tell us
about your past breeding experience including
Your name:
Your phone number:
your email:
City & State where you
are located