Purchasing a puppy is a lifetime commitment. Each puppy from our kennels is a responsibility that
never ends. Therefore I will only sell to homes that agree to the following:

If the dog cannot be kept it must be returned to me. If you have another home in mind for the dog, the
new owners must be approved by us prior to placement.
New buyers must sign our agreement prior to rehoming.

The dog must receive all annual inoculations, worm medicine, etc. The dog must receive any necessary
veterinary treatment, whether for accident or illness, routine or emergency.

You must let me know if any condition arises that affects the dog's health. All documentation for such
claims must be shared with me. This is a must for I strive to breed healthy puppies and would need to
know for my records.

You must agree to attend at least one Basic Obedience class before your puppy turns 6 months old.

All buyers must sign a purchase agreement prior to the release of the puppy or the pups AKC papers.

All puppies must have the prefix Peachy Keen in the registered name.

Puppies sold for a "pet" price means that you will spay or neuter the dog by the stated age in our contract. It
will be Limited
Registered with the AKC.

Buyers must have a fencing system in order to purchase a puppy. We recommend a 4 foot fence, invisible
fence is acceptable.
Puppies cannot be started on wireless fencing systems until at least 8 months of age. Puppies should never
be off leash before that time.

Puppies/Dogs shall never be surrendered to any pound/rescue. The dog must be returned to us no matter
the situation.

Chris Peach
Gloucester Virginia
Terms and Conditions