Young Adults
At times, we have young adults available. These are usually rescues from various shelters or
rescues that we take on to train or socialize before rehoming.

There is an adoption fee for any of our dogs. Adoption fee varies on what training and medical
expenses we have incurred. The fee for these dogs goes toward housing and training future rescues
and we also make sure that a portion of this is donated back to the organization where they came
from, in order to help with resources for their dogs.

Our rescues are all spayed/neutered and fully vetted. At a minimum, dogs are taught basic
commands. At times we have dogs that have further training, such as task training for disability or
Meet Hayley! (pics below)
Hayley is a 2- 2 1/2 year old Border Collie that came to us from Lend A
Heart rescue in Texas. She originally came to us to learn tasks to become a
disability dog, however Hayley is really just a wonderful, loving, couch
potato. She would make a great Emotional Support Dog and will be taking
her CGC testing soon.

Hayley is trustworthy with other dogs, cats and even chickens. She knows
sit, wait at a door, down. We had some issues with her recall when she first
came, but we have made great strides with it at this point. She is crate
trained and walks nicely on leash. Even though she is crate trained, she is
only in it at this point for dinner time, otherwise she has free roam of our
house. She doesn't chew or disrupt the house and even sleeps in our room.
She does not jump on us, or visitors to our homes.
She also walks great on leash and is completely housebroken.

Hayley loves everyone she meets. I believe she would do great in a home
with a retired couple, or anyone that could be home with her on a regular
basis to give her the time and attention she deserves. She does NOT have
separation anxiety, however she is not a fan of loud noises, like thunder or
gunshots. She just wants to come inside when she hears loud noises and
not destructive.
Hayley is spayed, up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative.

If you think hayley would be a good fit for your family, please call or text